Paleo Recipes Testimonial

A Paleo Recipes Testimonial

paleo recipes

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How to Get a perfect figure with Paleo Diet food list

If you are looking forward to lose weight you should focus up on your Paleo diet food list. The list is very comprehensive and offers you multiple options to choose from. People usually get tired of consuming the routine food items in their diet program. It is very important to keep their motivation level high by introducing new meal plans. Paleo diet food list is one such diet program that never makes you bore with its menu. It has equal amount of all the nutrients that are important for the balanced diet. You can find the proteins, carbohydrates, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals in the food diet list.

People usually think that there are not enough options to choose from and that consuming the same tastes end up in developing their taste buds all in wrong direction. But they need to realize the fact that when the Paleo diet food list is provided to them, they just need to experiment with it by combining them and turning them into something new and exciting. Adopting the Paleo diet does not offer you just meals; rather they offer you complete life style of living a healthy, happy and lovely life.

Paleo Diet

Some of the options that are available in the Paleo diet food list are all the fruits that are best source of vitamins, vegetables, nuts that are an active source of protein, you can also choose the eggs as a protein source, healthy and good fat sea food and meat, all these are present in the diet list. The diet list thus does not make you suffer rather it just asks you to eat everything at the proper time, in proper ratio so that instead of causing harm it can act beneficial for your body. The best thing about the diet food list is that the more variation you develop, the healthier you get. It is best to add as much as color to your diet as it is possible. The purpose can be achieved by bringing color to your diet.

The simplest and the easiest way to bring color to the diet food is to eat a combination of apple and fruits from the Paleo diet food list. From the green leafy vegetables you can choose, broccoli or spinach, the green vegetables are good source of iron. Some of the other vegetables that are highly recommended in the list are the avocados, cabbage, onions and cauliflowers.  It is up to the individual that what vegetables he or she prefers in his or her menu. The diet plan can be a combination of both the fruits and vegetables. All fruits are good for you as they provide some kind of vitamins and minerals to you and help you in easy digestion. But the top of the list fruit is berries. Either it can be black berries or red berries. You can just wash and eat them as a whole fruit or add them in fruit salad.

The particular reasons why one should add berries to the Paleo diet food list are that they are antioxidant in nature and posses low glycolic index as compared to other fruits. When it comes to source of protein, the user can choose from the non lean as well as lean meat, whatever he finds more appealing and as per taste. Other then meat some vegetables also offer you plant source good fats You can also take the protein part from nuts if you are not fan of meat. Some of the nuts that are high in protein are pecans, walnuts and almonds. Pick any you like. Pork, chicken and turkey also provide you good fat and are an active source of protein. The density or thickness of the milk that you add to the diet plan is also your choice. The healthy diet plan does not mean that you have to pick up all fat free items. You need to keep in mind that not everything is a bad form of fat.

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How Paleo Recipes Can Be the Key to Good Health

In this world we are blessed with so many things ( paleo recipes ) by The Almighty God and one of the most precious blessings of God is the good health and the secret to the good health. There are many things in this world created by Him to keep us healthy and enjoy the life. Excellent health of our ancestors was due to the use of natural foods like the wild plants and animals in their food and these foods are now termed as the paleo recipes, paleo food, Stone Age or Paleolithic food. It is up to us that how we use this food and live a healthy life. We are also living in an era of fast automation and machine life where our eating routine has converted on fast and junk food items.

By the robust increase in the population of the world and the technological advancement, we have to use the development in the agricultural sector as well as industry to grow the maximum out of the land and achieve the maximum output of animals to process this stuff to manufacture other eatables. It is due to this technological pace that the numbers of healthy people are decreasing day by day due to obesity and increase in the use of processed foods. But due to the recent research, the importance of paleo recipes has become prominent.

Paleo recipes was being used by our humanoid ancestors and forefathers some ten thousand years ago in the Paleolithic era which spans over two and a half million years. In mid 1970’s the concept gets importance that the foods and the herbs used by our Homo sapiens forefathers would be able to keep us healthy and lead us to the well being. The Paleolithic food consists of foods that can be hunted and fished such as meat, offal and seafood and can be gathered such as eggs, insects, nuts, seeds, vegetables, mushrooms, herbs, spices and fruits as well. Some advocates are of the opinion that only lean cuts of meat free from any food additives should be used like wild game meats and grass fed beef because they contain the higher proportion of Omega 3as compared to grain produced domestic meats. The paleo diet food does not contain the ingredients that were not used by humans before the Neolithic revolution like dairy products, legumes, mainly grains, refined sugar, processed oils and salts.

Paleo recipes require an adequate amount of meat in its composition and it is advised to use as much meat in the diet as you want in your diet whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner and it should be cooked without using much of the fats in it with little oil. Meat should contain lean beef with trimmed of visible fats like flank steak, extra lean hamburger, chunk steak, lean veal, London broil and Top sirloin Steak. Lean poultry is the white meat with skin removed and consists of chicken breast, turkey breast and game hen breast.

Organ meats of beef, lamb and chicken, rabbit and Goat meat, eggs not more than six in a week of Chicken (enriched source of Omega 3), Duck and Goose. Paleo diet also contains fish as an ingredient in it. Fish meat can consist of Eel, Bas, Trout, Mullet or any other available fish. Fish meat is a complete diet and contains all the components needed for the excellent working of the human body.

Fruits are also an important part of the paleo recipes and they can be eaten as much as anyone desire as they are low in calories and do not disturb the functioning if eaten in excessive quantities. Seeds and nuts are also important as they contain many valuable food ingredients in it. Walnuts are an amazing source of Omega 3. Almonds, Pine nuts, Brazilian nuts, unsalted Pistachios, Pumpkins seeds and chestnuts among the famous seeds and nuts.

Summing up, paleo recipes do not contain the processed milk products like ice creams, cheese, butter, yogurt and other cereal foods according to the advocated of the Paleo food and hence should be avoided. The only useable items are fruits, vegetables, meat, nuts and seeds which are the opinion of the advocates of the paleo diet.

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Paleo Recipes – A Comprehensive Discussion on Food Stuffs

Paleo Recipes is a new concept which was put forward in the mid 1970’s by Walter L. Voegtlin and since then a lot of work has been done in this concept by various writers. The concept states that if we utilize that food which was eaten by our humanoid ancestors then we can live a healthier and happy life as compared to using the modern day processed food. In other words, what was eaten by our humanoid ancestors should be used by us as our diet and what they have not consumed as their diet should be prohibited. Paleo Ricipes (ancestral diet) which is also called Paleolithic food, Stone Age food or hunter-gathered food was used by our forefathers some ten thousand years ago in the Paleolithic era. The diet mainly consists of wild animals and plants.

Paleo Recipes are regarded as the much healthier diet as compared to the modern day diets. Due to the rapid industrialization and swift change in the living styles our societies have shifted from using the regular foods to junk and grilled stuffs and have become much more dependants on such diets now a days. This shifting results to the fatal diseases like blood pressure, higher level of cholesterol in the blood which is the main cause of heart attacks, obesity which is regarded a harmful disease and about one third of population is suffering from it and many more. The need of the time is to change our way of living again about our diet if good health is desirable.

Paleo diet mainly consists of meat which is either hunted or fished. Meat in the form of lean cuts which is free from food additives, preferably wild game meats and grass-fed beef because they contain the higher level of Omega 3 fats as compared to domestic beef. Other items included in paleo diet are eggs, fruits, nuts, mushrooms, seeds, vegetables, herbs and spices. There are also some eatables which must be avoided if one is using paleo food like dairy products; mainly consist of processed products including the butter, cheese, cream, ice cream, dairy spreads, frozen yogurt, low fat milk, skimmed milk, powdered milk; pulses and grains like cereal grains, seeds in the form of cereal grains, amaranth, buckwheat and legumes, beans of all kinds, peas, black eyed peas, snow peas and other items like salt and refined sugar.

Providing more about the meat, paleo recipes prescribe the lean meats which are trimmed of visible fats like lean beef, flank steak, chunk steak and any other lean cut. White meat and skin removed lean poultry – chicken breast, turkey breast and Goose breast are also included in this group.

Fruits are also a part of paleo diet food list and should be taken in any quantity you desire without worries of getting fats because fruit contains low amount of calories and hence should be included in every meal. Apple, apricot, pineapple, mangoes, peaches, pomegranate, bananas and oranges are among the famous foods which should be used.

Vegetables forming the part of this list are asparagus, beets, beet greens, bell peppers, tomatoes, onion, green onions etc. Nuts are especially important if you are not losing weight actively. The list of seeds and nuts includes almonds, Brazil nuts, sunflower seeds, cashews, walnuts, pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds.

Foods included in the paleo diet food list which must be taken in adequate amounts consists of olive, avocado, walnuts and canola oils; beverages like diet soda, coffee, tea, sweets consist of dried fruits no more than two ounces if you want to lose weight and nuts mixed with dried and fresh fruits not more than 4 ounces a day particularly if you are intended to lose the weight.

If you are thinking to give a try to paleo recipes then try that menu; six eggs a week from chicken or ducks, meat from goat or rabbit because this will give you a better taste in comparison to use beef or chicken. Game meat from alligator, buffalo goose, wild turkey and wild boar can also be used but as described earlier. If better taste is required then start from rabbit or goat meat. You will definitely make your routine of consuming paleo diet and recipes instead of taking old foods.

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Paleo Recipes – Truth Revealed

Many people have created vague concept about paleo recipes that it is consisted of only fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, roots, meat and fish and completely prohibits the use of dairy and oil products. This ambiguous concept has made people scared which makes them avoid the paleo diet. The reason of this undetermined action of people is, in fact, the wrong way or less informative publicity of paleo diet by unprofessional people who don’t even know the basics of the term “paleo recipes”.
There are some questions which people should answer; should they not consider the importance of paleo diet only because they have been surrounded by wrong perception about the term? Or should they think to at least try the diet with a complete instructive plan, describing the real ingredients as well as their benefits?
Lets reveal some shocking truths about the paleo diet so that people, will be able to decide what they should do and able to endeavor the paleo recipes diet.
First and foremost, it is considered that paleo diet is a habit to adopt eating old age foods in the same form in which ancient people ate and stops the usage of eating modern foods completely. For those who act upon the last line please go through the list of about 400 paleo food recipes and check the ingredients stated in these recipes. After that, fix on that what is common and different between “their” paleo diet and actual paleo diet food list. This distinction between the two terms will surely mend their thoughts about paleo diet.
Likewise, there are rumors that paleo diet completely restricts the use of oil and dairy products. This is another gossip which has spread by the new comers and by those people who were unable to get excessive benefits from the diet due to their own negligence and incomplete information. The paleo recipes does contain oil and dairy products, one can cross check by reading the paleo cookbook.
In relation to above, paleo diet actually restricts the “unbalanced” use of oil and dairy products instead of prohibiting the full use of these God gifted food items. A balanced use of these items is necessary for excellent results in getting the best health and the internal system too.
There is a charismatic quality in paleo diet which is equally beneficial for people of all the age groups and for all  health conditions good or bad. No inconveniences are present in the diet just full of health benefits. There are over 370 recipes which possess different food stuffs which are suitable for all health conditions and area able in curing many diseases like blood circulation problems, diabetes, lever and heart problems etc.
The paleo recipes included in this diet are very easy to prepare and easy to utilize. There are no tricky rules to follow about cooking or preparing the meals. There is only one precaution to get best consequences from paleo diet food and that is “to utilize the diet”. No need of complex cooking or difficult rules, only consume the diet and catch the infinite benefits.
Winding up, people are now well aware from the real meaning paleo recipes and the time has come to utilize the marvelous recipes stated in paleo diet. This is dead sure that you will live a healthier life than before and will definitely love to carry on with the legendary food list.

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Genetics – Compatibility Of Paleo Recipes Diet With Modern Human

Paleo Recipes Era

A time from the mid 70’s of last century when there was a first discussion on the topic “paleo recipes” started by a gastroenterologist, which was further adapted and argued by many other famous writers and authors. The words which were quoted by those authors and writers about paleo recipes were;
“The diet eaten by ancient people in Paleolithic period was very simple and was in its pure form. This was the secret of well groomed health of those people. The reason behind, “How that simple diet could be such beneficial that there was no concept of disease”; was the foodstuffs used by them and inclusion of highly important energetic elements in those foodstuffs which are compulsory for the better internal growth.
But when the Paleolithic era ended (almost 10,000 years ago) and development of agriculture went to its boom, some new eatables were introduced in the form of oil and dairy products. The taste of those food items was delicious as well as these were also rich in providing good health but people, as usual, made the mistake to leave old foods, paleo recipes, which were mostly consisted of fresh fruits and vegetables, roots, seeds, nuts, wild plants and animals and shifted their diet to the new introduced dairy and oil products. Consequently their health was gone down gradually and there was no more disease proof statement about them.
This was difficult to understand that if all the things are made for human being and they should also use them then what happened to the people when dairy and oil was used by them? This question was answered later in 19th century when a research was done and this was discovered that in those countries where milk or dairy is used in excessive quantity there are more bone fractures because milk contains tremendous quantity of calcium which is not so much beneficial if used in additional amount.
This means that oil and dairy products are not bad in their selves but people used them in an unmannered way that this was considered that these items should be prohibited. If there could be a balanced use of oil and dairy products in addition to the other food items like fruits and vegetables then our health can be to the near to the health condition like ancient people had.
In relation to the last paragraph, the question had arisen by the people that how the diet can be eaten by us in the same form in which it was utilized by our ancestors? The diet consumed by those ancient people was mostly consisted of wild animals and plants and foods in their primary form so there could be a difficulty to consume and digest them.
The above question was raised by those people who were not well aware with the paleo recipes food at all and also by those people who were new to that field and was in need of pure and accurate information so that they can evaluate paleo recipes and can be able to decide that are they going to continue with their old diet or they should adopt the new legendary diet? The answer is simple to the last question which will surely clear the term paleo diet to all the people who are new or want some beneficial information about the diet.
We humans are actually genetically adapted to our ancestral diet because they were our forefathers. But in last 10,000 years when there was dawn of agriculture, that agricultural development has merely changed our consuming power which means that we are now not the same as our forefathers were and we cannot eat the food in the same form too as it was eaten by ancient people. So, there was a concept given by the people that we cannot use the some food as by ancient people but we can utilize similar food because we are genetically adapted to it.
So the concept of paleo recipes diet got understandable position in the society that this diet is not the twin same with our ancestral diet and also not prohibit the use of oil and dairy products. The diet is actually resembled to the old age diet which is consisted of “balanced combinations of all” the food items which are on the earth and have been made by God for human beings.

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Paleo Diet Food List – The Secret to The Healthy Life

Paleo diet food list is the optimum diet which is based on the nutritional requirements established during the evolutionary path to the present form for the human animals – having the biological name of Homo sapiens. Paleo diet is also called the biologically appropriate diet. The modern dietary regimen is known as the Paleo diet food list abbreviated as Paleo diet or paleodiet which is also popularly referred to as the caveman diet, hunter gathered diet or Stone Age diet.

Paleo diet can be easily termed as the natural food which was being used by the ancient people during the Paleolithic era – an era of about two and a half million years duration that came to an end some ten thousand years ago. Paleo food of that era consisted of wild plants and wild animals which were consumed by the human beings of the said era. Paleolithic age ended with the development of modern agricultural techniques and concepts around ten thousand years ago. The concept of Paleo diet has become known during the 1970s and the credit goes to the gastroenterologist, Walter L.Voegtlin to popularize the concept. The theme behind the concept about feasibility of Paleolithic diet for human is that, the perfect diet for human well being and health should be closely similar to the ancestral diet.

Paleo diet food list should be composed of the above mentioned ingredients. Starting with the meat, which should be eaten as much as one can but the point to remember is that, the meat should be cooked simple without adding much of the fats because fats cause many diseases like blood pressure, cholesterol and also increase the chances of lethal heart attack by blocking the passage of blood circulation. By keeping this point in mind, meat is healthy for us whether we use it in the breakfast, lunch or dinner. Lean meat is the meat which is trimmed of visible fats and the lean meats list can be stretched to contain the lean beef, flank steak, extra-lean hamburger, lean veal, Chunk steak, London broil, Top sirloin steak and any other lean cut.

Lean poultry consists of chicken breast, turkey breast and game hen breast having white meat with skin removed out of it. Eggs at maximum six in a week of duck, goose and chicken (go for the enriched Omega 3 variety of chicken eggs). Other types of meat may consist of rabbit and goat meat. Game meat should consist of alligator, bear, bison or buffalo, emo, kangaroo etc. Fish meat is also favorable to be used as diet. The next to meat in the paleo diet food list, comes the number of fruits and the vegetables. Some people are of the view that fruits and vegetables increase the weight and make them fat.

In relation to the above, this is obviously the biggest misconception about the inclusion of fruits in the daily life. Fruits do not increase the weight at all, no matter how much you eat it as fruits and salad vegetables contains very low amounts of calories. For the ideal life and health, every meal should include a combination of meat, salad, vegetables, nuts, seeds and fruits like apples, pomegranates, grapes, apricots, figs and bananas in his diet. Oranges, lemon, pears, pineapples, watermelons and Papaya are among the famous fruits because these contain higher amount of water in it, hence provide extra energy to the consumer.

Regarding the other foodstuffs included in paleo diet, in an event of actively losing weight, at maximum 4 ounces of nuts and seeds should be used. Walnuts are among the best because they contain the highest ratio of Omega 3 in it. Oils, beverages and paleo sweets should also be used in moderate quantities and also keep in mind that paleo diet food list does not contain in it all processed foods made out of dairy products, powdered milk, ice creams, cereal grains and legumes and should be avoided.

Summing up the ingredients, Paleo diet food list mainly consists of fish, fruit, vegetables, roots, nets and grass-fed pasture raised meats but it does not include processed oils, refined sugar, salt, dairy products and legumes. So make yourself bound to use stated items and within no time you will feel a good change in your lives, definitely a positive change.

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Palio Diet – The Nick Name Of Powerful Body

The topic about palio diet which will discus here is universal and has captivating power to attract the users of all the regions because the problem is also universal of getting a strong and stunning body. Every one in this world needs an attractive and good looking physical structure and a long lasting power but found him helpless when he finds nothing after making a huge struggle. In this regards this creates great feelings after reading the sentence that palio diet is the second name of strong and powerful body and admirable physical structure. But, as usual, the question is how?

The need of the time is to search some facts about the diet which will make it easy to answer the question which has asked in last paragraph that how this diet can help. Those some facts are stated in the following paragraphs.

Food and eatables in Palio Diet:

Foods and eatables which are allowed in palio diet are fruits, vegetables, nuts, roots, seeds, fish and meat and prohibited are “the unbalanced use of oil and dairy products”. The reason behind is oil and dairy products, if not consumed in balanced quantity, makes some unfavorable changes in the internal system as will as in our external physical appearance which are mostly not appreciated by us. The stated diet was used by our forefathers in olden times and this was the only secret of their enormous body powers.

Basic combinations of foods and eatables:

This is a universal truth and no one can dare to deny it that fruits, vegetables and dry fruits provides such great power and strength to the body which cannot be obtained from any other eatables. The good thing is that palio diet is more than 75% is consisted of these food items. So, one can imagine the truth ness of the title chosen for the article.

Going further, basic combination of food means to use the food items in their raw form without processing and converting them into other types. This is very rare that we use the fruits and vegetables in their primary form because we prefer to convert them in other delicious forms by cooking, making jam, jellies and marmalades and other related items. This conversion is not dangerous at all but it removes the freshness a little bit from the food.

Manufactured combinations of food and eatables:

Eating same food stuffs regularly can make people bored and uninterested. To prevent these unwanted situations palio diet provides a wide range of different food verities which can be made after converting the foods in secondary form through cooking. This conversion, as stated above, can reduce the energy level a merely but still will provide such spectacular power and energy to the body which one cannot imagine.

There is one more reason due to which this conversion is needed. Fruits and vegetables are those food items which can be utilized in its primary form in as much quantity as one want or need. But meat, root, fish and nuts are now very difficult to consume in their pure form because we are not the same as our forefathers were. With the passage of a huge time our genetics have changed. So, this is now compulsory to use fish and meat after cooking, it can damage the internal system otherwise.

An impressive list of food recipes:

Top of the most, the diet contains a list of about 400 recipes which are extremely delicious in taste and can never make its user bored from it. Recipes included in palio plans also give massive information about various cooking techniques and combinations in which the primary food items can be utilized.
Wrapping up, this is clear from the above informative discussion that palio diet is really capable of providing good health as well as massive power which lasts forever. The only thing to remember is consume those food stuffs which are prescribed in it and in that way which is advised. The results will obviously be favorable.

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Paleo Recipes – More Usage Brings More Favorable Results

The purpose of this article is to reveal a fantastic truth about paleo recipes which will surely increase the credibility of paleo diet in peoples’ mind. When we start a diet plan this is normally prescribed that if we want marvelous results then this is next to necessary that to follow the diet plan properly.

Negligence in following that diet plan can diminish the results very much. In simple words, other diet plans are very strict to use them properly for gaining the positive results. Paleo recipes and diet plans are also diet plans like others then what is different in them which increase their importance that much? Find the answer to the question in following paragraphs.
Firstly and importantly, paleo diet is not strict to use it like other diet plans are. The plans in paleo diet are very lenient and user friendly so that people can not find their selves helpless if they have started or have decided to start paleo diet. Adding more, boring routines are no more need to follow them for getting extra results. Firstly people can not get tired because there are plenty of food combinations and recipes in paleo diet which are pleasing in taste and secondly if, not possible but still if one feels fed up with the diet then he has the option to skip a meal anyway.
There is one more thing which should be discus in relation to paleo diet and other diet plans; this is advised that if you want your desired benefits with diet plan then this is compulsory to pursue the plan exactly as it has described to you. In other words, if execution is hundred percent then the results will also hundred percent and if there is carelessness in implementation that diet plan then consequences will not be accordingly, but, there will be only small encouraging results.
Now come to the paleo recipes and diet plans, the relation between diet usage and their results is progressive. This simply means that if you more use the diet you will get more leading outcomes and if the usage is less then the results will be “only less favorable”, not like the other diet plans where results diminishes to the zero if diet is used less accordingly or carelessness is practiced.
Moreover, simple diet plans are really very simple if we look at their food stuffs and eatables which are allowed in them. These are simple but only to the extent of food items because they give a little variety to the user in relation to food. We can conclude that they restrict the user to use specific items which are mostly tasteless and also very fewer in choice. But when we endeavor the paleo recipes we find a huge list of recipes which provide extreme taste as well as a momentous positive change in health condition. There is no restriction is using all the eatables which are present on the earth but a balance is prescribed in their usage in paleo diet.
Winding up, the importance and significance of paleo recipes is far beyond than our expectations and thoughts because there is no match for the diet and its associated benefits. You will find further and further good results as you will go deep in the diet. There is only one sentence to say about the usage and benefits of paleo diet which has also stated in the title, “More usage brings more favorable results”.

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Delicious is Called a Synonym of Paleo Recipes

Paleo recipes and the diet programs look boring and restrictive at start. But once you have started following it you will realize that the options are simply endless you just need to explore your options and try different Paleo recipes every time. Once you get acquainted with the menu list then you are able to make different and unique food items.

The best thing about the Paleo diet program is that it offers you the option that you can play with both complex as well as simple food recipes. It depends upon the diet program follower how he wants his food to be. No restrictions at all, just a lot of ideas to prepare your food items.

Paleo recipes, in their simple form, can be to take a piece of steak and fry it in olive oil or coconut oil and serve it with the bundle of vegetables that you like best. It can be that simple or you can go for more complex processes like preparing omelets, roasts, sauces, soups and salads. You just need to choose some of the herbs and spices that make the food more digestible and tastier.

Just do not take cooking at home as a chore rather bring fun to it by experimenting with new recipes. You can try making stock of vegetables and pastas with different vegetables and fruits. You can also add herbs and spices.

Even you can made healthy food versions of the junk food items. Like with the Paleo recipes you can make the spaghetti’s, pastas, healthy burgers and even pizzas. A simple recipe can be the corn soup. One can easily prepare it at home. Some of the ingredients that you will need in order to prepare warm and tasty soup include chicken stock, ginger, salt and eggs.

It is full of nutrients and you can even take it as main course meals. The other recipe you can make is stuffed pork, turkey or chicken tenderloin.The ingredients that you will need for this dish can be onion, nutmeg, tomatoes, thyme and garlic. It is best that you should use the coconut oil, olive oil or sun flower oil in order to cook the food. It ensures that the oil you are using is source of good fat.

Berries are the best source to prepare the dessert. This is one of the finest desserts from Paleo recipes. The ingredients that you will need for the dessert are berries, you can choose from the red or the black berries. An egg, flour and salt are other ingredients. You can eat it as it is or you can also prepare a topping while you have prepared the fruit layer. You have to make the dough and fill the berries inside. When the berries are added on the dough, the topping would be made out of the coconut milk, chocolate and the frozen cranberries. You would be needed an oven to make it. It is best dessert you can always keep it in your fridge as it lasts long.

One can also use the Paleo recipes of frittata. It is very nutritious, tasty and has very limited ingredients.  One can add the ingredients of their choice or the basic ones that are advised by the diet plan companies. The basic recipe involves the ingredients like five eggs; you do not need to separate the egg yolks from egg whites. Garlic and onion are also added to the frittata to add an exquisite taste. As a source of iron you can simply add the spinach to your frittata. Use a pinch of baking soda and coconut milk to add fluffiness to the frittata.

Just keep in mind to enjoy your frittata, you need to add the freshly ground black pepper. If you use the old black pepper that is previously grounded, you cannot get the same smell and taste that you can get from the freshly grounded pepper.

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